Chimney sweep

At the beginning of the 21sh century, these professionals no longer display the appearance they had in the past: carrying the rope on their back, and holding the broom and the ladder.

No início do séc. XXI os profissionais já não se apresentam com o aspeto de outrora: com cordas às costas e vassoura e escada nas mãos.

Firs Sergeyevich Zhuavlev (1836-1901)-‘chimney sweep’

Pieter Alardus Haaxman (1814-1887)-‘chimney sweep and the maid’-1876

Aurelio Zingoni (1853-1922)-‘meat time for the chimney sweep’

John Lewis Krimmel (1786-1821)-‘’workly folk’ questioning chimney sweep and their master before Christ Church, Philadelphia’-watercolor and graphite on off-ca 1811    Private collection

Auguste de Châtillon (1808-1881)-‘chimney sweep from Savoie’

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