Goats in paintings

The goat, a predatory animal of herbaceous plants and trees, provides milk for food and for cheese, as well as meat and skins to the inhabitants of mountainous regions.

A cabra, animal predador de plantas herbáceas e árvores, fornece leite para alimento e queijos, assim como carne e peles aos habitantes das regiões montanhosas.

Anton Heinrich Dieffenbach (1831-1914)-‘girl with a goat’

Edgar Hunt (1876-1955)-‘my friends in the farm’

Jacques Alfred van Muyden (1818-1898)-‘a mother and her children return from the fields’

Edouard-Henri-Théophile Pingret (1788-1875)-‘girl knitting with goat’

Camille-Joseph-Étienne Roqueplan (1803-1855)-‘the shepherd girl’

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