Smolensk by Wilhelm Amandus Beer

The German Wilhelm Amandus Beer (1837-1907) lived a few years in Russia where he painted regional scenes.

O germânico Wilhelm  Amandus Beer (1837-1907) viveu alguns anos na Rússia onde pintou cenas regionais.

Wilhelm  Amandus Beer (1837-1907)-‘Russian peasant family in a field’

Wilhelm  Amandus Beer (1837-1907)-‘picnic at the gates of a city’

Wilhelm  Amandus Beer (1837-1907)-‘in the province of Smolensk. Russia peasant family in the harvest’-watercolor/gouache-1889

Wilhelm  Amandus Beer (1837-1907)-‘scene near Smolensk’

Wilhelm  Amandus Beer (1837-1907)-‘dance in the gipsy camp’

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