British interiors

Numerous British painters of the 19th century bequeathed interior scenes of housing related to different social strata.

Numerosos pintores britânicos do séc. XIX legaram cenas de interiores das habitações relacionadas com os vários estratos sociais.

William Bromley III (active 1835-1888)-‘at school’

Henry Gillard Glindoni (1852-1913)-‘a fortune in a tea cup’-oil on canvas

Edmund Bristow (1787-1878)-‘the Turk’s head inn, Eton’-oil on panel-1845    Private collection

William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910)-‘the first cloud’-oil on canvas-1887    London-Tate Gallery

William Henry Knight (1823-1863)-‘the young artist’-oil on panel-1861

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