Freedom by Anton Romako

The Austrian artist Anton Romako (1832-1889) painted scenes which occurred in southern European countries.

O austríaco Anton Romako (1832-1889) pintou cenas ocorridas em países da Europa do sul.

Anton Romako (1832-1889)-‘Self portrait of the artist with his wife on a picnic at the Amphiteatre Tuscolo near Frascati’-watercolour    Private collection

Anton Romako (1832-1889)-‘after the harvest’-oil on canvas-1889    Private collection

Anton Romako (1832-1889)-‘Hungarian farm’-oil on board    Private collection

Anton Romako (1832-1889)-‘Spanish landscape’-oil on canvas-1889    Private collection

Anton Romako (1832-1889)-‘peasant couple in the Campagna’

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