Lincoln Cathedral (1092)

The English Lincoln Cathedral was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the year 1092.

A catedral inglesa de Lincoln foi consagrada à Sagrada Virgem Maria no ano de 1092.

Frederick Mackenzie (ca 1788-1854)-‘Lincoln Cathedral from the Northwest’-watercolor on paper-ca 1850

Thomas Girtin (1775-1802)-‘Lincoln Cathedral’-watercolor-ca 1795    New Haven (Conn.)-Yale Center for British Art

Joseph Baker of Lincoln (1706-1806)-‘a view of the cathedral of Lincoln from the river’-oil on canvas-ca 1760    New Haven (Conn.)-Yale Center for British Art

Wenceslas Hollar (1600-1677)-‘Lincoln Cathedral from the South’    Toronto-University (Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library)

Henry Dawson (1811-1878)-‘Lincoln Cathedral from Brayford’-oil on canvas-1867

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