Aristocratic ladies by Pehr Hillestrom

The Swedish artist Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816), professor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, painted aristocratic ladies and motifs with workers.

O sueco Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816), professor da Real Academia Sueca das Artes, pintou damas da aristocracia e temas operários.

Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816)-‘two women trying to catch a butterfly on a flower’-ca 1787

Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816)-‘a woman is reading, the chambermaid brings tea’-1775

Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816)-‘three women in a forest having their fortune teller read in their palms’-1787

Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816)-‘a woman sits in a forest reading, another one stands beside her sewing’

Pehr Hillestrom (1732-1816)-‘a woman sits and weeps with a medallion in her hand and another one comfort her’

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