Gala dinners

Gala dinners are used in very representative solemn occasions for individuals or states.

Utilizam-se os jantares de gala em ocasiões solenes muito representativas de particulares ou dos estados.

Luis Paret y Alcazar (1746-1799)-‘Charles III dining before the court’-oil on panel-1775    Madrid-Museo del Prado

Le Baron Attalin (1784-1856)-‘feast at Tuileries to celebrate the marriage of Leopold I to Princess Louise of Orleans’-1832    Paris-Musée Carnavalet

Siegmund Lallemand (1840-1910)-‘celebration on the occasion of the anniversary of the Military Order of Maria Teresa’-1861

Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc (1814-1879)-‘women dining at the Tuileries in 1835’-watercolour

Mihail Zichy (1829-1906)-‘gala dinner in the Palace of Facets’    Paris- Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs

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