US Natives/Indians by John Hauser

John Hauser (1859-1913) born in Ohio was a descendent of German immigrants. Due to his paintings, the Sioux adopted him as one of their own tribe.

Filho de imigrantes germânicos, John Hauser (1859-1913) nasceu no Ohio. Os Sioux, devido às suas pinturas, adotaram-no como um dos seus.

John Hauser (1859-1913)-‘Indian traders’-oil on canvas-1896    Denver-American Museum  of Western Art

John Hauser (1859-1913)-‘in the Foot Hills’-gouache on board-1896

John Hauser (1859-1913)-‘Chief’s Pow Wow’-oil on canvas-1904    Private collection

John Hauser (1859-1913)-‘the Cheyenne country’-gouache on paper-1896

John Hauser (1859-1913)-‘mountain desert trail’-oil on canvas-1896    Private collection

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