Inside the house by William Kidd

Scottish artist William Kidd (ca 1796-1863) devoted part of his paintings to scenes which took place inside dwelling-places.

O escocês William Kidd (ca 1796-1863) dedicou parte da sua pintura a cenas ocorridas no interior de habitações.

William Kidd (ca 1796-1863)-‘bustle in the pub’    Private collection

William Kidd (ca 1796-1863)-‘the stolen kiss’-oil on canvas    Shipley-Art Gallery

William Kidd (ca 1796-1863)-‘the friendly contest Greenwich and Chelsea pensioners’-oil on canvas    Hospitalfield city-Centre for Art and Culture

William Kidd (ca 1796-1863)-‘interior scene’-oil on canvas    Sheffield City-Art Galleries

William Kidd (ca 1796-1863) ‘asleep’-oil on panel     Hospitalfield city-Centre for Art and Culture  

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