The Ferry

When there are no bridges, boats are used to transport goods and people across rivers and lakes.

Quando não existem pontes empregam-se barcos para transportar bens e pessoas através de rios e lagos.

Anders Monsen Askvold (1834-1900)-‘at the ferry place’-oil on canvas-1887     Greenwich-National Maritime Museum

William Dice (1806-1864)-‘Highland ferryman’-oil on canvas-1858    Aberdeen-Art Gallery and Museum

Jacob Henricus Maris (1837-1899)-‘ferry boat’-oil on canvas    Haarlem-Teyler Museum

Jacob Henricus Maris (1837-1899)-‘ferry’-oil on canvas-1870    Den Haag-Gemeentmuseum

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)-‘waiting for the ferryman’-oil on canvas    Private collection

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