USA mountains in 1870

Here are some famous mountains painted in the USA during the year 1870.

Deixamos exemplos de alguns montes famosos pintados nos EUA durante o ano de 1870.

Edmund Darch Lewis (1835-1910)-‘mount Washington and the Saco River’-oil on canvas-1870    Private collection

James Howard Burgess (1817-1890)-‘Errigal mountains’-oil on canvas-1870    Belfast (UK)-Ulster Museum

Thomas Hill (1829-1908)-‘mount Lafayette in winter’-oil on canvas-1870    Private collection

Ransome Gillett Holdredge (1836-1899)-‘mount Saint Helena from Redwood Creek, Sonoma country, California’-oil on canvas    destroyed by fire

James Fairman (1826-1904)-‘mount Madison and Adams near Gorham, New Hampshire’-oil on canvas-1870    Private collection

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