Wreck in the sea

Maritime wrecks have always been an artistic motif.

Os naufrágios marítimos verificaram-se em todos os séculos.

Joseph Newington Carter (1835-1875)-‘wreck of the Copeland South Sheilds Nov 2 1861 at Scarboro Spa’-oil on canvas-1862

Lorenzo A. Castro (active 1664-1700)-‘a sea fight with Barbary corsairs’-oil on canvas-ca 1681    Dulwich-Picture Gallery

Benedito Calixto (1853-1927)-‘the shipwreck of the Sirio’-oil on canvas-1907    São Paulo-Museu de Arte Sacra

Winslow Homer (1836-1910)-‘the Gulf Stream’-oil on canvas-1889    New York-metropolitan Museum of Art

Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840)-‘wreck in the Sea ice 12 December 1798’-oil on canvas    Hamburg-Kunsthale

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