Public figures by A. Casali

The Italian artist Andrea Casali (1705-1784) painted scenes with public figures from different time periods.

O italiano Andrea Casali (1705-1784) pintou cenas com figuras públicas de diversas épocas

Andrea Casali (1705-1784)-‘Cleopatra dissolving the pearl in wine’-oil on canvas     Bramdean (UK)-Hinton Ampner National Trust

Andrea Casali (1705-1784)-‘the continence of Scipio’-oil on canvas-1743    Runcorn (UK)-Town Hall

Andrea Casali (1705-1784)-‘Coriolanus beseehed by his wife and mother to spare the city of Rome’-oil on canvas     Skirlaugh (UK)-Burton Constable Hall

Andrea Casali (1705-1784)-‘Sophonisba taking poison’-oil on canvas-1743  Runcorn (UK)-Town Hall

Andrea Casali (1705-1784)-‘Gunhilda, empress of Germany, and the emperor, her page with the head of her accuser’-oil on canvas    Skirlaugh (UK)-Burton Constable Hall

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