Lazio and Campania by J. More

The Scottish artist Jacob More (1740-1793) painted themes linked to the Italian regions of Lazio and Campania.

O escocês Jacob More (1740-1793) pintou temas ligados às regiões italianas do Lácio e da Campânia.

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘a distant view of Rome across the Tiber’-oil on canvas-ca 1774     Adelaide-Art Gallery of South Australia

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘mount Vesuvius in eruption’-watercolor     London-Tate Gallery

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘roman ruins’-watercolor     London-Tate Gallery

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘Tivoli, cascatelli’-watercolor-1778     London-Tate Gallery

Jacob More (1740-1793)-‘Tiber estuary’-oil on canvas-1784     Cambridge-St Catharine’s College

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