New Zealand by A. Earle

The British Aartist ugustus Earle (1793-1838) conceived scenes that occurred in the South Pacific, namely in New Zealand.

O britânico Augustus Earle (1793-1838) concebeu cenas ocorridas no Pacífico sul, nomeadamente na Nova Zelândia.

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘village of Parkuni, river Hokianga’-lithograph-1838

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘female penitentiary or factory, Parramatta’-watercolor-ca 1826     Private collection

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘the meeting with the wounded chief Hongi, bay of Islands’-handcoloured litograph

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘native village and Cowdie forest’-lithograph-1838

Augustus Earle (1793-1838)-‘war speech’-lithograph-1838

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