Hungarian castles

Some Hungarian painters, of the time of the Habsburgs, represented castles of their country.

Alguns pintores húngaros, do tempo dos Habsburgos, representaram castelos do seu país.

Bela Vickelets (1825-1864) and Franz Kollarz (1828-1894)-‘siege of Eger castle (1552)’-lithograph-ca 1840

Antal Ligeti (1823-1890)-‘castle of Trencin’-1870     Budapest-Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Karoly Telepy (1828-1906)-‘the ruins of Diosgyor castle’-oil on canvas-1860     Budapest-Magyar Nemzeti Galéria

Gusztav Kelety (1834-1902)-‘Visegraad in moonlight’-ca 1860     Budapest-Magyar Nemzeti Galéria

Janos Hofbauer (1803-1846)-‘the castle of Deveny’-oil on canvas-ca 1830     Budapest-Magyar Nemzeti Galéria

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