The Austrian city of Salzburg gained representations from several painters.

A cidade austríaca de Salzburg mereceu representações de variados pintores.

Josef Mayburger (1813-1908)-‘view of Salzburg from the North’-oil on canvas-ca 1880     Private collection

Domenico Quaglio II (1787-1837)-‘Nonnberg and Hohensalzburg Fortress’-oil on wood-1814     Salzburg-Museum

Franz Anton Danreiter (1695-1760)-‘the pilgrimage to the Plain in Salzburg out of the city’-hand coloured copper engraving-ca 1750

Franz Krüger (1797-1857)-‘mountain scenery with a castle, Salzburg’-oil on canvas

Karl Friedrich Würthle (1820-1902)-‘railway station to Salzburg’-steel engraving-ca 1850     Salzburg-Universitätsbibliothek G 541 II

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