Budapest-Magyar Nemzeti Galéria

The Magyar National Gallery is located in Buda and contains still lifes of the Hungarian artist Jakab Bogdany (ca 1660-1724).

A Galeria Nacional Magiar situa-se na zona de Buda e contém naturezas mortas do húngaro Jakab Bogdány (ca 1660-1724).

Jakab Bogdány (ca 1660-1724)-‘foils and owl’-oil on canvas

Jakab Bogdány (ca 1660-1724)-‘birds’-oil on canvas-ca 1710

Jakab Bogdány (ca 1660-1724)-‘fruit piece with stone vase’-oil on canvas

Jakab Bogdány (ca 1660-1724)-‘ducks’-oil on canvas

Jakab Bogdány (ca 1660-1724)-‘fruit with birds and guinea-pig’-oil on canvas

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