Young people by Laura Knight

Born with the family name Johnson, this artist became known as Laura Knight (1877-1970) after marrying the painter Harold Knight.

Nascida Johnson tornou-se conhecida como Laura Knight (1877-1970) depois de casar com o pintor Harold.

Laura Knight (1877-1970)-‘the hop-pickers, Malvern’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Laura Knight (1877-1970)-‘girls picking flowers by the sea’-watercolor     Private collection

Laura Knight (1877-1970)-‘hop-picking’-oil on canvas     Canterbury City-Council Museums and Galleries

Laura Knight (1877-1970)-‘the two fishers’-watercolor     Private collection

Laura Knight (1877-1970)-‘Susie and the wash-basin’-oil on canvas-1929     Preston (UK)-Harris Museum and Art Gallery

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