Apothecaries, surgeons, alchemists

Throughout the ages, several professionals have pursued their professional activity in several sectors of the art of healing.

Vários profissionais exerceram, ao longo dos tempos, atividade em diversos sectores da arte de curar.

Franz Christoph Janneck (1703-1761)-‘the medical alchemist’-oil on copper     Philadelphia-Chemical Heritage Foundation

Roger Frugard of Parma in Chirurgia, translated by Mattheus Platearius (12th century)-‘apothecary shop’     London-British Library (Ms Sloane 1977, fol. 49v)

Matthäus Merian the elder (1593-1650)-‘apothecary and surgeons’-engraving-1646     London-Wellcome Library (Ms M0007909; De efficacy medicina)

Aldobrandino da Sienna in Le régime du corps (15th century)-‘apothecary’     Besançon-Bibliothèque Municipal (Ms 0463, fol 001)

Frans van Mieris the young (1689-1763)-‘the apothecary’-1714     Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

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