Harmony by Jan Victors

The Dutchman Jan Victors (1619-1679) represented some activities of his time

O holandês Jan Victors (1619-1679) representou atividades da sua época.

Jan Victors (1619-1679)-‘peasants’ meal at the stable’-oil on panel     Private collection

Jan Victors (1619-1679)-‘town folk coming to the country’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Jan Victors (1619-1679)-‘market scene with a quack at his stall’-oil on canvas-ca 1650     Budapest-Szepmuveszeti Muzeum

Jan Victors (1619-1679)-‘the fruit seller’

Jan Victors (1619-1679)-‘ferryboat’-oil on canvas-ca 1660     St Petersburg-Hermitage

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