War and peace by C. Rochussen

The Dutch artist Rochussen Charles (1814-1894) worked with motifs related to war and peace.

O holandês Charles Rochussen (1814-1894) tratou temas ligados à guerra e à paz.

Charles  Rochussen (1814-1894)-‘horse changing station sun’

Charles Rochussen-‘French troops cross a frozen river’-watercolour on paper-1888    Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

Charles Rochussen (1814-1894)-‘the requisition’-oil on panel-1872     Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

Charles Rochussen (1814-1894)-‘park in the vicinity of Paris’-oil on panel-1848 Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

Charles Rochussen (1814-1894)-‘the blacksmith’-watercolor on paper-1876 Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

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