Blacksmiths practiced their profession using the same technological method in any region.

Os ferreiros exerceram a sua profissão de forma tecnológica comum em qualquer região.

Richard Ansdell (1815-1885)-‘at the blacksmith shop’-oil on canvas-1858     Private collection

Circle Cornelis Gerritz Decker (ca 1615-1678)-‘in the snithy’-oil on wood

Peder Severin Kreyer (1851-1909) -‘smithy in Hornbaek’-oil on canvas-1875     Copenhagen-Museum for Kunst

Johan Paul Constantinus Grolman (1841-1927)-‘blacksmith with servant in the smithy’-1892

Herri Met de Bles (ca 1510-1555)-‘landscape with a foundry’-oil on panel-ca 1550     Prague-National Gallery

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