The north of Italy by R, Russ

Robert Russ (1847-1922) depicted themes about northern and central Italy.

Robert Russ (1847-1922) representou assuntos do norte e centro de Itália.

Robert Russ (1847-1922)-‘garden from the Adige Valley’-oil on canvas-ca 1922

Robert Russ (1847-1922)-‘lake Garda near Gariano’-oil on canvas

Robert Russ (1847-1922)-‘Camarda on the Cefalone near Aquila’-mixed media on board-1918     Private collection

Robert Russ (1847-1922)-‘a view of Capri’-oil on canvas

Robert Russ (1847-1922)-‘porta San Michele in Riva del Garda’-watercolor-ca 1895     Private collection

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