19th century American women

Some painters, born in the USA or European immigrants, represented scenes with American women.

Pintores, nascidos nos EUA ou emigrantes europeus, representaram cenas com mulheres americanas.

Louis Prang (1824-1908)-‘lawn tennis’-print-1887     Washington-Library of Congress

George Brown (1831-1913)-‘reliving old memories’-oil on canvas-ca 1883     Private collection

Samuel S. Carr (1837-1908)-‘beach scene (Coney Island)’-oil on canvas-ca 1879     Northampton (Mass.)-Smith College Museum of Art

Eastman Johnson (1824-1906)-‘the new bonnet’-1876     New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art

Charles Frederich Ulrich (1858-1908)-‘among in the Land of Promise’-1883     Washington-Corcoran Gallery of Art

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