Jan de Bray’s best paintings

The Dutch artist Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697) created paintings of remarkable beauty.

O holandês Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697) executou pinturas de grande beleza.

Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697)-‘Achilles among the daughters of Lycomedes (Ovid; Metamorphoses, XII, 162)’-oil on canvas-1664     Warsaw-Muzeum Narodowe

Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697)-‘tending the children at the orphanage in Haarlem’-oil on canvas-1663     Haarlem-Frans Halsmuseum

Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697)-‘Allegory van Frederk Hendrik’-1681     Haarlem-Frans Halsmuseum

Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697)-‘the banquet of Anthony and Cleopatra’-1669     Private collection

Jan de Bray (ca 1627-1697)-‘a violin player’ oil on canvas-1658

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