Joy and sorrow by James Archer

The British artist James Archer (1822-1904) painted themes about sadness, some of historical or legendary origin.

O britânico James Archer (1822-1904) pintou temas de tristeza, alguns de origem histórica ou lendária.

James Archer (1822-1904)-‘summertime, Gloucestershire’-oil on canvas-1860     Edinburgh-Scottish National Gallery

James Archer (1822-1904)-‘Merlin and Lancelot, an incident from the Death of Arthur’-oil on canvas-1871     Private collection

James Archer (1822-1904)-‘how Sir Lancelot carried Queen Guinevere to her tomb’-oil on canvas-1868     Bournemouth-Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

James Archer (1822-1904)-‘death of Arthur’-oil on board-1860     Manchester Art Gallery

James Archer (1822-1904)-‘classical subject’-oil on canvas-1878     Glasgow-Museums Resource Centre

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