Roma by Paolo Anesi

The Italian artist Paolo Anesi (1697-1773) painted places in Rome.

O italiano Paolo Anesi (1697-1773) pintou locais de Roma.

Paolo Anesi (1697-1773)-‘the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Tiber with fishermen on the bank’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Paolo Anesi (1697-1773)-‘view of the Castle of Sant’Angelo, Rome’-oil on canvas, Roma-Fondazione Sorgente Group

Paolo Anesi (1697-1773)-‘a view of the Forum with Colosseum, Santa Francisca Romana, and the Arch of Titus’-oil on canvas     Hinton Ampner (UK)-National Trust

Paolo Anesi (1697-1773)-‘the Tiber and the Ponte Rotto, Roma’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Paolo Anesi (1697-1773)-‘Porta Portese, the shipyards of Clement XI’-oil on canvas     Private collection

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