Cheese by Tacuino Sanitatis

It is known that Taccuino Sanitatis wrote several manuscripts, with illuminations, which are dated from the 14th century.

Do Tacuino Sanitatis conhecem-se vários manuscritos, com iluminuras, datados do final do séc. XIV.

Anonymous (14th century)-‘making cheese’     Wien-Codex Vindobonensis 2644, folio 60

Anonymous (14th century)-‘making fresh cheese’     Paris-BNF Latin 9333, folio 58

Anonymous (14th century)-‘a cheesemonger’      Paris-BNF Latin 9333, folio 58v  

Anonymous (14th century)-‘making cheese’     Paris-BNF NAL 1673, folio 59v

Anonymous (14th century)-‘making white cheese’     Paris-BNF Latin 9333, folio 60

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