Art and daily life by Anna Airy

The British artist Anna Airy (1882-1964) painted daily life scenes of her time.

A britânica Anna Airy (1882-1964) pintou cenas retratando a vida da época.

Anna Airy (1882-1964)-‘children blackberrying’-oil on canvas     Lincoln-Usher Art Gallery

Anna Airy (1882-1964)-‘the kitchen’s queen’-oil on canvas-1911     Colchester-Ioswich Museum

Anna Airy (1882-1964)-‘soldiers in the field of South Africa’-oil on canvas-1902     Chesea-Royal Hospital

Anna Airy (1882-1964)-‘interior with Mrs. Charles Burnaud’-oil on canvas-1919     Colchester-Ioswich Museum

Anna Airy (1882-1964)-‘a Shell forge at a national projectile factory Hackney marshes, London’-1918

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