Desert by Walter Ufer

The American artist Walter Ufer (1876-1936) painted scenes in arid regions.

O norte-americano Walter Ufer (1876-1936) pintou cenas em regiões áridas.

Walter Ufer (1876-1936)-‘mirrored lake desert’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Walter Ufer (1876-1936)-‘going East’-oil on canvas-1917     Tulsa-Philbrook Museum of Art

Walter Ufer (1876-1936)-‘Bob Abbot and his assistant’-oil on canvas-1935     Louisville-Speed Art Museum

Walter Ufer (1876-1936)-‘the Southwest’-oil on canvas-1930     Wickenburg (AZ)-Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Walter Ufer (1876-1936)-‘offer for Esquipela’-oil on canvas-1916     Private collection

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