Liberal Arts

In several time periods there were paintings representing the Liberal Arts.

Em várias épocas surgiram pinturas de figurações das Artes.

Tadeusz Kuntze (1727-1793)-‘Art’-oil on canvas     Warsaw-National Museum

Attr. Gaspar de Witte (1624-1681)-‘the allegorical female figures Nature and Pictura’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678)-‘allegory of Art’-oil on panel     Warsaw-National Museum

Attr. Jeremias van Winghe (1579-1645)-‘the glorification of Art and Diligence’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Antonio Cortina Farinós (1841-1890)-‘allegory of Prosperity’-oil on canvas-ca 1882     Valencia-Museo Lladrò

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