India by Thomas Daniell

The British artists Thomas Daniell (1749-1840) and William Daniell (1769-1837) lived almost 10 years in India.
Their engravings were published in 6 volumes: Oriental Scenery, London (1795-1808)

Os britânicos Thomas Daniell (1749-1840) e William Daniell (1769-1837) estiveram quase uma dezena de anos na India. Com as suas gravuras publicaram 6 volumes: Oriental Scenery, London (1795-1808)

Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)-‘the fort of Vellore in the Carnatic, India’-oil on canvas-1815      Stourhead-National Trust

Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)-‘Hindoo temple at Bindabund, East Indies’-oil on canvas-1797     London-Royal Academy of Arts

Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)-‘rope bridge over the Alakananda river at Srinagar, Garhwal’-oil on canvas-1808     London-British Library

Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)-‘Sher Shah’s mausoleum Sasaran’-oil on canvas-1810     London-Tate Britain

Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)-‘inside of Kanaree caves at Salsette’-oil on canvas-1827     Calderdale-Metropolitan Borough Council

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