Myths by Paul Bril

The Flemish artista Paul Bril (1554-1626) represented Greek myths.

O flamengo Paul Bril (1554-1626) representou mitos gregos

Paul Bril (1554-1626)-‘Mercury and Argus‘-oil on copper-1606     Torino-Galleria Sabauda

Paul Bril (1554-1626)-‘Nymphs and Satyrs’-oil on canvas-1623     Oberlin (Ohio)-Allen Memorial Art Museum

Paul Bril (1554-1626)-‘Diana and her Nymphs at the hunt’-oil on canvas-ca 1600     Paris-Musée du Louvre

Paul Bril (1554-1626)-‘Diana and Calisto’-oil on wood-ca 1620     London-National Gallery

Paul Bril (1554-1626)-‘Diana discovering the pregnancy of Calisto’-oil on canvas-ca 1615     Paris-Musée du Louvre

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