Tretyakov Gallery-children

The Treyakov Gallery in Moscow exhibits paintings depicting children in different situations.

A Galeria Treyakov de Moscovo expõe pinturas com crianças em diversas situações.

Vladimir Yegorovich Makovsky (1846-1920)-‘children playing’-oil on canvas-1870

Illarion  Mikhailovich Pryanishinkov (1840-1894)- ‘children on the fence’-oil on canvas-1883

Valentin Alexandrovich Serov (1865-1911)-‘girl with peaches’-oil on canvas-1887

Alexander Ivanovich Savinov (1881-1942)-‘children play on the beach’-oil on canvas-1904

Vasily Grigorovich Periv (1824-1880)-‘last journey’-oil on canvas-1865

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