Carnavalet Museum-Paris

The Carnavalet museum, or museum of the City of Paris, has an exceptional collection of paintings.

O museu Carnavalet, ou museu da Cidade de Paris, possui excecional coleção de pinturas.

Jean-Baptiste Lallemand (1716-1803)-‘the Hotel des Monnaies, the Pont Royal and the Louvre seen from Pont Neuf’-ca 1775

Giuseppe Canella (1788-1847)-‘the Pont Neuf and la Cité, Paris’-1832

Étienne Bouhot (1780-1862)-‘garden and Palace of the Tuileries view from Quay d’Orsay’-oil on canvas-1813

Anonymous (17th century)-‘Porte de Saint Denis’-oil on canvas

Nicolas Jean-Baptiste Raguenet (1715-1793)-‘the Pont Neuf and Samaritaine seen from Quay de Mégisserie’-1777

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