Ship paintings in the Rijksmuseum-Amsterdam

There is a significative number of navy ship paintings within the rich estate of the Rijksmuseum-Amsterdam.

Pinturas de navios da armada encontram-se em razoável número no rico espólio do Rijksmuseum-Amsterdam

Peter van der Velde (1667-1700)-‘the burning of the English fleet for Chatham June 20, 1668’-oil on panel

Reinier Nooms ( -1664)-‘the naval battle near Livorno, March 14, 1653’-oil on canvas

Lieve Pieterszoon  Versehuier (1627-1686)-‘arrival of Charles III, king of England, in Rotterdam, 24 May 1660’-ca 1665

Ludolf Bakhuysen (1630-1708)-‘Dutch ships in the roadstead of Texel’-oil on caqnvas-1671

Hendrick Corneliszoon Vroom-‘ca 1562-1640’-‘Dutch ships ramming Spanish galley off the English coast in 3 October 1602’                                                                              

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