William Callow

The Victorian artist (1812-1908) William Callow documented scenic views of his time.

O vitoriano William Callow (1812-1908) representou locais da sua época.

William Callow (1812-1908)-‘castle and town of Cochem on the Moselle’-watercolor-1887     Private collection

William Callow (1812-1908)-‘on the Scheldt’-oil on canvas     Plymouth-Museum and Art Gallery

William Callow (1812-1908)-‘the Cross at Salisbury while under repairs’-oil on canvas-1874     Salisbury-South Wiltshire Museum

William Callow (1812-1908)-‘moonrise on the Medway, Kent’-oil on canvas-1874     Bournemouth-Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

William Callow (1812-1908)-‘Richmond castle, Yorkshire’-watercolor-1843     London-Tate Britain

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