Paintings by Denys Alsloot

Flemish Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626) painted religious and other themes.

O flamengo Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626) pintou temas religiosos e outros.

Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626)-‘a view of the Abbey of Groenendael near Brussels in Winter’-oil on panel-1621

Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626)-‘feast of Our Lady of the Woods’-1616     Madrid-Museo del Prado

Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626)-‘Cephalus and Procris’-oil on copper     Private collection

Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626)-‘Diana and Acteon’-oil on copper-ca 1603     Madrid-Museo del Prado

Denys van Alsloot (ca 1570-1626)-‘skating during Carnival’-oil on panel-1620     Madrid-Museo del Prado

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