Agora (Jetzt. Image. Mein Kampfbahn) (now. Image. My arena)

As imagens sempre foram preferíveis a qualquer texto. Nelas cada um vê o que quer. Dizia Tihamer Toth (1889-1939), bispo Húngaro, que duas pessoas à mesma janela vêm realidades diferentes. Agora (Jetzt), até aqui (bis Jetzt), a partir de agora (von Jetzt an).

Images were always preferable to any text. Each of them sees what they want. Said Tihamer Toth (1889-1939), Hungarian bishop, two people come to the same window different realities. Now (Jetzt), up here (Jetzt bis), as of now (von Jetzt an).

Wassilij Grigorjevitsh Perov (1833-1882)-'the bird-catcher'-oil on canvas-1870

Nicolai Alexandrovich Yaroshenko (1846-1898)-'the life everywhere'-oil on canvas-1888 Moscow-The State Tretyakov Gallery

Vassily Maximovich Maximov (1844-1911)-'everything in the past'-oil on canvas-1889 Moscow-The State Tretyakov Gallery

Theodor de Bry (ca 1527-1598)-'killing crocodiles'-engraving New York-Public Library

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617)-'quis evadet?' 'who can escape?'-engraving copper-1594

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