Nordeste do Brasil conquistado pelos Holandeses (East of Brazil won the Dutch)

Filipe II conquistou o Reino de Portugal em 1580, mas não o Integrou na Espanha. A Restauração da Independência de Portugal verificou-se em 1640. No período Filipino os Holandeses instalaram-se no Nordeste Brasileiro. O pintor Holandês Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) documenta o desenvolvimento local.

Philip II conquered the Kingdom of Portugal in 1580 but not incorporated in Spain. The Restoration of Independence in Portugal occurred in 1640. During the Filipine period Dutch settled in Northeast Brazil. The Dutch painter Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) documents the development site.

Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) - 'view-Olinda'-1662 oil on canvas Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) - 'sugar mill with church'-oil on wood-1667

Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) - 'Fortaleza (Fortress) in the River Bar Ceará'-engraving-1613

Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) - 'a farm'-oil on wood-1652

Frans Janszoon Post (1612-1680) - 'planting sugar'-oil on wood-1659 St. Petersburg-Hermitage

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