Ancient Vienna (Viena de outras eras)

There is pictorial documentation of the 19th Century city of Vienna and its inhabitants' lives. It can be seen in the work of Johann Adolf Opitz (1763-1825), Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905) and others. Some of these photos and many more are from the Austrian excellent professional Erich Lessing (1923 -).

Do séc. XIX existe documentação pictórica sobre a cidade e vida dos seus habitantes. São exemplos as obras de Johann Adolf Opitz (1763-1825), Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905) e outros. Algumas destas fotografias e muitas mais são do excelente profissional Austríaco Erich Lessing (1923- ).

William Wordworth (1770-1850)-'neue Markt (Mozart and Haydn lived nearby)'-coloured engraving

Johann Adolf Opitz (1763-1825)-'butchershop and butcherboy with dog and a lady buying silk ribbons from a Tyrolean hawker'-watercolour-ca 1810 Wien-Historisches Museum der Staadt

Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905)-'Michaelerplatz und Kohlmarkt (the Michaelerhaus where Pietro Metastasio lived and died and 16year-old Joseph Haydn had his lodging-currently with Roman ruins of Vindobona in the center of square)'-watercolor (Aquarell auf Papier) Private collection

Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905)-'church of Hofburg'-watercolor-1892 Private collection

Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905)-'die Jägerzeile' 'hunter line'-watercolor-1844 Private collection

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