Harold of Wessex (11th century) in Bayeux tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry documents the conquest of Harold’s Great Britain, the Duke of Wessex, by William, Duke of Normandy. It is recorded in the Cathedral’s inventory in the year 1476. In 1792 some revolutionaries used it as a cover for goods transported by animal-drawn vehicles until it is was recovered by local a lawyer.

A tapeçaria de Bayeux documenta a conquista da Grã Bretanha de Harold, duque de Wessex, por Guilherme, duque da Normandia. Aparece no inventário da Catedral do ano de 1476. Em 1792 alguns revolucionários usaram-na como cobertura de mercadorias transportadas em veículos de tracção animal até poder ser recuperada por advogado local.

Unknown-'Harold, duke of the English and his soldiers'

Unknown-'Harold has sailed the sea, and wityh his sails filled by the wind he has into the land of count Guy'

Unknown-'Harold and Guy'

Unknown-'Harold in Beaurain'

Unknown-'Harold and Guy talk together'

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