National Maritime Museum-Greenwich

The National Maritime Museum, based in Greenwich, opposite London, is situated near the Royal Observatory which established the meridian named after the place. It especially documents Britain’s maritime history.

O Museu Marítimo Nacional, sediado em Greenwich, em frente a Londres, situa-se próximo do Observatório Real que estabeleceu o meridiano conhecido pelo nome do local. Documenta principalmente a história marítima da Grã-Bretanha.

Nicholas Pocock (1740-1821)-'the battle of Frigate Bay, 26 January 1782'-oil on canvas

Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg the younger (1740-1812)-'the battle of the First of June, 1794'-oil on canvas-1795

Willem van de Velde, the elder (1611-1693)-'the battle of Scheveningen, 10 August 1653'-oil on panel-1655

Jules Achille Noël (ca 1810-1881)-'the Bretagne'-oil on canvas-1859

George Arnald (ca 17863-1841)-'battle of the Nile-Aboukir Bay, 1-3 August 1798 (the destruction of L'Orient)'

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