Cassandra, the daughter of Priam, king of Troy, opposed the entry of the Horse in town. During the fire, Ajax of Locris attacked Cassandra while she was protecting the Palladium of Pallas Athena, of which she was a priestess.

Cassandra, filha de Príamo, rei de Tróia, opôs-se à entrada do cavalo na cidade. Durante o incêndio, Ájax de Locris atacou-a quando esta encontrava a proteger o Paládio de Palas Atena, de quem era sacerdotisa.

Codros painter-'Ajax the lesser drags Cassandra from the Palladium'-attic-(red-figure)-cup-(440-430 BC)   Paris-Musée du Louvre (G 458)

Eretria painter-'Cassandra offering a libation while the brother Hector (right) prepares to go to battle'-attic-(red-figure)-(425-420 BC)   Gravina (Puglia)-Fondacion Pomarici Santomasi

Lycurgus painter-'Ajax draggs Cassandra away from the statue of the goddess at which she had taken refuge'-(red-figure)-(370-360 BC)

Attr. Brygos painter-'Cassandra flees the carnage'-attic-(red-figure)-cup-ca 480 BC-Vulci   Paris-Musée du Louvre

Unknown-'Cassandra drawing lots with her right hand predicts the downfall of Troy in front of Priam (seated, on the left), Paris (holding the apple of discord) and a warrior learning on a spear, presumably Hector'- fresco on plaster-(20-30 AD)   Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Pompeii-house of metal grill)

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