Harbours and boats in China

Canton became known to Westerners in the early 16th century.  The most characteristic sailboats in China Sea were called “junks”.

Cantão tornou-se conhecido dos ocidentais no início do séc. XVI. Os barcos à vela mais característicos do mar da China eram os juncos.

Unknown-'view of the harbour at Canton with foreign factories'-oil on canvas-1767

Unknown (17th century)-'the boat of the Emperor Yang-Ti (Sui dynasty / 581-618)-engraving   Paris-BNF

Unknown (18th century)-'the Kangxi Emperor (Quing dynasty) on tour'-miniatures

Unknown (14th century)-'Yuan Junk (Ming dynasty)'-miniature

William Alexander (1767-1816)-'Chinese boat for washing apparel'-watercolour-1793   Greenwich-National Maritime Museum

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