Symposium in ancient Greece

In ancient Greece the symposium was primarily a forum or a site where the learned men of the time debated ideas. The descriptions of Plato (ca 428-ca 348) and Xenophon of Athens’ (ca. 430-355 BC) about love and about Socrates are famous. They drank in the company of courtesans (hetarai) ou prostitutes (porne); they played, listened to music, and watched to kind of erotic dances.

Na antiga Grécia o simpósio era fundamentalmente um fórum ou local de debate de ideias por parte de homens cultos da época. São famosas as descrições de Platão (ca 428-ca 348) e Xenofonte de Atenas (ca 430-355 aC) sobre o amor e acerca de Sócrates. Bebiam na companhia de cortesãs (hetarai) ou prostitutas, jogavam, ouviam música, assistiam a danças mais ou menos eróticas.

Unknown-'ancient symposium-a couple in love time'-marble   Preveza (Greece)-Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

Nikias painter-'banqueter playing the kottabos game while a girl play the aulos'-attic-(red-figure)-(bell-krater)-ca 420 BC   Madrid-Museo Arqueologico Nacional

Andokides or Lysippides painter-'Athena and Herakles at a symposium'-attic-bell amphora-(black-figure)-Vulci-(520-510 BC)   München-Staatliche Antikensammlungen (Munich 2301)

Berlin painter-'Herakles at a symposium'-attic-(red-figure)-bell krater-(500-490 BC)   Paris-Musée du Louvre (G 174)

Hieron potter /Makron painter-'symposium, woman standing before man on couch'- attic-(red-figure)-kylix-(490-480 BC)   Boston-Museum of Fine Arts (01.8022)

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