Moscow Contemporary Russian History Museum

Initially it was named “Central Revolutionary Museum”. Its assets include important pictorial documentation about the Bolshevik revolution of October 1918.

Recebeu inicialmente a designação de “Central Revolutionary Museum”. No seu espólio contém importante documentação pictórica sobre a revolução bolchevique de Outubro de 1918.

Piotr Petrovich Belousov (1912-1989)-'Lenin with delegates to the 3rd Konsomol-congress 1920'-oil on canvas-1949

Vassili Veniaminovich Khvostenko (1895-1960)-'Lenin in a armoured car during the October revolution 1918-oil on canvas-1935

Fiodor Alexandrowitsch Modorow (1890-1967)-'meeting of the Central Committee  of the Soviet Communist Party, 1939 (from left to right Mikojan, Stalin, Molotov, Kalinin)'-oil on canvas

Anatoli Yar-Kravchenko (1911-1983)-'Maxim Gorki reads his novel the girl and death, to Stalin, Molotov, generalVoroshilov on 11.11.1931'-oil on canvas-1950

Vera Dreznina (1924- )-'Felix Dzerzhinsky, chief of the Soviet Secret Police, the Tsheka, among children of a worker's comune'-oil on canvas-1953

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