Some Orientalists

Some European painters of the 19th century   were called Orientalists for having traveled and painted in Muslim countries, especially in the Ottoman Empire and North Africa. They considered the customs they found as exotic.

Alguns pintores europeus do séc. XIX foram denominados orientalistas por terem viajado e pintado em países Muçulmanos, sobretudo do Império Otomano e Norte de África. Consideravam exóticos os costumes encontrados.

Georges Antoine Rochegrosse (1859-1938)-'the slave and the lion'-oil on canvas   Private collection

Francesco Ballesio (1860-1923)-'at the bazaar'-oil on canvas

Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1891)-'an Oriental beauty'-oil on canvas   Private collection

Fabio Fabbi (1861-1946)-'wedding procession in Cairo'-oil on canvas

Henri Decaisne (1799-1859)-'a Turk smoking a pipe'-oil on canvas   Cherbourg-Musée d'Art Thomas Henry

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